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Stephanie's Story - by Kathleen Wermuth

Raising a child with multiple disabilities is an overwhelming ordeal, let alone the physical and emotional strain that comes with it. Stephanie's Story is the personal narrative of one parent's emotional journey in caring and loving for her daughter, born with a rare genetic birth defect-22Q13 Deletion Syndrome-which has left her unable to walk or speak, and medically fragile.  Beyond the heartaches, the hardships, and the handicap, they realize that they are truly blessed by a very special child. ISBN: 1-4137-2715-8

A Different Life: Growing Up Learning Disabled and Other Adventures - Quinn Bradlee, re VCFS

Faces of Sunshine is a terrific handbook for parents available from the 22q and You Center at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia 

Emanuel Syndrome: A Parent Guide - Email C22C for a free copy

VCFS - Footprints of Hope, by Raymond Tanner of Australia. 
Raymond, who has VCFS, presents a collection of stories from families around the world, as well as tells his own touching story, and includes helpful information.

MISSING GENETIC PIECES: Strategies for Living with VCFS, The Chromosome 22q11 Deletion" was written by Ms. Sherry Gomez of Arizona.